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Title: Viper Collection
Category: 3D CG

Author: Viper

File Name: [Viper] Viper Collection [Eng].rar

Library ID: 2554, FTP directory: v
Size: 603.998.482 Kb.
Added: 28-08-2013
Loli love: 1984 users downloaded this title.
(Today: 1. This week: 358. This month: 481.)
Comments: 9


Comments to Viper Collection:

Oh, the fun...

A massive gathering of Viper's images, ranging from as far back as the summer of 2007 and as recently as 2011.

Cotswold Mike
Duplicate comment deleted

Cotswold Mike
A strange mixture of varying quality, size and style. There are a some gems but the random and disjointed ordering of images together with quite a few duplicates means they are difficult to find.

William Bruce
Over half a dozen attempts to download, probably more than 12 hours. Still un-sucessfull.

I just tested the connection, and it took me 20 minutes to download the file. Is the problem slow speed, broken downloads or...

William Bruce
Slow, very very slow, 10 to 20 min or so for every 1% of download. Then says connection was broken

that sounds bad, are you using any redirection, such as TOR.

William Bruce
SUCESS! I think it was a problem with my internet provider. I got it, took more than 20min, but looking at the files..... worth it, excelentline styles. and mature+loli. not enough work done in that area I think